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The surgical tray is used for the secure storage and sterilization of surgical and auxiliary
instruments of the BT-SAFE and BT-NANO system.
These implant lines shares the surgical kit with BT-ISYKONE. The surgical tray is made of a highly shock-proof thermoplastic, which is well established in medical applications and the material is suitable for frequent sterilization in the autoclave. General guidelines for the cleaning and sterilization are given in the corresponding SURGICAL MANUAL.


The Reversible Torque Wrench is a dismantable, multiple-use instrument that provides means of tightening implants, abutments and screws. The lever arm integrated in the Reversible Torque Wrench is pushed away from the main body to the desired torque value. A torque value indicator is mounted at 90° in relation to the lever arm and indicates different value marks.
Before the first and each following use, the Reversible Torque Wrench should be dismantled, cleaned, disinfected and sterilizedin accordance with the instructions for use, please refer to ifu.btk.dental.

• All drills and screw taps are made of stainless steel.
• All drills and screw taps are supplied in non-sterile single packs or in kit not sterile.

Please refer to the recommendations on cleansing and sterilization indicated by BTK.
• Drills and screw taps must be replaced after a maximum of 20 uses. The effectiveness decreases after 5/6 applications already.
• All drills and screw taps have depth markings made with laser technique.
• The length relative to the corresponding black strip, realized with laser technique, it is always the lower or upper end of the strip.
• The black strips correspond to the length of the selected implant. However, to increase security, the drill stops can be used during site preparation.
• All drills report their diameter and the relevant reference code on the stem.
• All final drills allow you to apply suitable drill stops.
• In case the length of the drills is insufficient, there is the possibility to connect them to the “Drill Extension” tool.

For successful osseointegration, a precise, not traumatic surgical technique is required, which safeguards the soft tissues and accurately prepares the implant site without overheating the bone.
Before starting the surgical procedure and during the same procedure the following points must be taken into account:
• Check that all the necessary tools are available and fully functional. It is recommended to always keep an adequate supply of sterile implants and instruments.
• Do not use cutting tools more than 20 times.
Make sure that the drills are sharp before each use. The effectiveness of a drill already decreases after 5/6 applications.
• Drilling must be carried out with sharp drills, intermittently at 500 – 600 rpm, always with abundant external irrigation with pre-cooled sterile saline solution and avoiding excessive pressures.
• Do not exceed the speeds indicated by BTK for drills.
• Use the drills with diameters in ascending order.
• The drills can be placed in distilled / deionized water but should not be placed in saline or Ringer’s solution during surgery if they are used for more than one preparation.