Course at Kadawery in Cremona, November 9-10, 2023

Presenter: Dr. Stefano Negrini

Course under registration. Maximum number of registrations up to 12 people.

IUXTA 3D subperiosteal implantology
Attached is a plan for a two-day course at Kadawery with a registration form. Click here
Trip plan
– Departure on November 8, 2023 from Krakow at 7:05 – Bergamo landing 8:50. A bus is waiting for us at the airport and will take us to the hotel in Cremona.
– Return from Bergamo on 11/11/23 at 16:25 to Krakow 18:10
– 10/11/23 prosthetic course at the BTK headquarters around 11
– 09/11/23 course on Kadawery in Cremona.
This price includes:
– hotel 3 days with breakfast 08/09, 09/10, 10/11 – Cremona
– transport from and to the airport/150 km one way and to BTK for a prosthetic course 10/11/23
– lunch 09, 10, 11.23 and dinner 09/11/23 organized by BTK.
On our side there is a plane ticket and lunch and dinner 08/11/23 (Wednesday)

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