For the patient


IUXTA-3D is at the top of the new dental implant techniques: it is a new implant protocol consisting of a customized metal structure, in fact a titanium grid. The implant is supported by the maxillary or mandibular bone and is fixed with osteo-synthesis screws.

IUXTA-3D Periosteal Implantology Centers offer you a new method in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain, Ireland and Malta.


Advantages of IUXTA-3D for the patient:

  • Treatment in one day;
  • Shortening the rehabilitation time;
  • No need for regeneration;
  • Restoration of smile and chewing function in one day;
  • Prescription implants – individual for each patient;
  • Implants created in 3D technology from the best quality sintered titanium.


Advantages of IUXTA-3D for the doctor:

  • Solution for a patient with giant bone arthropathy for whom standard implant prosthetic and regenerative solutions do not give good prognosis;
  • Planning the procedure and individual implant together with an international team of specialists;
  • Care of an experienced prosthetic laboratory, recommended by BTK.dental;
  • Reduction of treatment time and a real opportunity to restore function and smile in one day

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a new implantological solution manufactured by the Italian company Biotec srl. It consists of a titanium mesh (individually designed structure) ideally designed for each patient, based on the jaw or mandible and attached with titanium screws. It is often the only chance to return to the old lifestyle for people with complete bone loss in the jaw or mandible, in whom bone tissue reconstruction and implant placement is impossible. IUXTA-3D is a prosthetic restoration permanently fixed in the mouth, which restores the patient’s comfort, comparable to having natural teeth.

IUXTA-3D is a new implantological solution, consisting of a titanium mesh, the design of which is individually designed and prepared for each patient. The metal frame is implanted in the jaw or mandible and fixed with screws. Abutments are attached to the mesh, which perform a similar function as implants – they constitute the basis for imposing prosthetic work. The construction of IUXTA-3D is entirely made of titanium, a material highly valued in implantology due to its high biocompatibility, excellent bone integration and no allergic reactions. The mesh is personalized and formed in a way that exactly matches the patient’s bones. Achieving maximum precision at every stage of treatment is possible thanks to the design of the IUXTA-3D construction in a 3D computer program. This project is the basis for the production of titanium work in a special milling machine, under the guidance of qualified dental technicians.

With the help of the IUXTA-3D system, it is possible to perform treatment in patients who have suffered significant bone loss due to a process that started due to tooth loss. Both untreated toothlessness and long-term wearing of a removable denture, transferring chewing forces to the mucosa, can lead to atrophy. In this situation, the bone loses its natural load and begins to gradually decrease. Up to a point, this phenomenon can be stopped by performing tissue reconstruction surgery. However, if the changes go too far, it will be impossible to implant dental implants that must be tightly surrounded by bone tissue. Until recently, people who were affected by the problem of significant bone loss, were doomed to use a removable denture, which, however, did not provide full comfort of use and often did not satisfy patients.


To ensure that all patients can use the aesthetic and functional fixed dentures, dentists have developed the IUXTA-3D system  by using all the latest technologies available. This innovative method gives a chance to have permanent tooth reconstruction for patients who cannot stop bone loss even by performing tissue reconstruction surgery. The mesh is fixed with titanium screws, which over time completely integrate with the tissue. IUXTA-3D is a perfect match to existing bone, which allows immediate loading of previously prepared temporary work, mounted on prosthetic pillars. The method allows to achieve satisfying results much faster than in the case of complex treatment, including bone reconstruction or transplantation and implant placement.

  1. IUXTA-3D treatment is carried out in an individual way. Elements are prepared for each patient based on his anatomical conditions. Therefore, the first stage is very important, i.e. precise diagnostics and creation of a treatment plan. In this part of the procedure, a patient’s dental impression is taken and pictures are taken, based on which the treatment project in CAD CAM technology is created;
  2. Then, equipment with very high technology produces a three-dimensional structure based on a computer design, ideally suited to the patient’s mouth. This is a special titanium IUXTA-3D mesh, which will be the basis for mounting the prosthetic work;
  3. Basic treatment of IUXTA-3D, as in the case of dental implants, consists of a surgical and prosthetic part. The first of these involves implanting the mesh into the maxilla or mandible with fastening screws. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia or using computer or pharmacological anesthesia. Then the patient receives a temporary prosthetic reconstruction, which guarantees the full functionality of the oral cavity during the healing of the treatment site. This period usually lasts 3-4 months;
  4. The second stage of IUXTA-3D treatment involves permanent placement of the prosthetic reconstruction on the abutments attached to the mesh. From now on, the patient can enjoy the comfort of using a permanent denture that functions and looks like his natural teeth.
  • Gives a chance to have permanent tooth reconstruction, even in people with complete bone loss;
  • Provides comfort of use comparable to having natural teeth;
  • Does not require bone reconstruction;
  • Comprehensively solves the problem of edentulous;
  • Eliminates discomfort when wearing a removable denture


Dental implants.

Join over 1,000,000 people who have started to smile again with BTK implants. BTK has been providing solutions for patients who have lost their teeth for over 20 years. The effect of natural teeth is a beautiful smile, clear speech and a tasty meal.


The BTK dental implant is a medical device of several millimeters, the diameter and length of which vary depending on anatomical conditions. It resembles a small screw that acts like the natural root of a removed tooth. BTK dental implants are made of titanium, a natural component that integrates completely and easily into the human skeletal system.


Most patients can replace missing teeth with dental implants, but only a dentist can accurately determine this. Only your dentist can accurately assess and give specific recommendations on the best implant treatment option based on the diagnostic test. Ask your dentist today what benefits you can get with dental implant treatment.


The costs of implantological treatment vary depending on the complexity of each case: the dentist will give a correct estimate of the situation. Remember: all the benefits of implant surgery are long-term profit!


Your dentist will be happy to show you all stages of implantology using BTK components. Basically, the operation takes place in the following stages:

1. Diagnosis

The doctor analyzes the situation and determines the most appropriate treatment for his patient using an X-ray. It then presents all the advantages and possible therapy alternatives

2. Implantation

The doctor usually places BTK dental implants under local anesthesia. An adaptation site is created in the jaw bone into which the implant is inserted. Depending on the patient’s condition, a temporary prosthetic restoration may be placed on the implant. This allows you to show a natural look from the very first treatment.

3. Healing process

Healing time is estimated to last from six weeks to several months (depending on the patient’s condition). They will allow the implant to firmly anchor the jaw bone. Removal of the surgical suture occurs after about a week. Thorough oral hygiene is essential for the healing process and recovery.

4. Laboratory work

Working on the impression, the prosthetic laboratory performs an individual final restoration, which is inserted by the dentist after the recovery period.



Your dentist has chosen the best for you! The BTK implantology system is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards of the EN ISO 13485 standard, Directive MDD 93/42 / EEC; Annex II and has the CE mark. The components are made of high quality biocompatible materials and using the latest technology with quality verification. All btk components are made in Italy.


BTK cooperates with leading clinics, research facilities and universities; actively participates in multi-center research around the world aimed at innovation and progress in the field of dental reconstruction. Due to all these basic activities, BTK develops its own solutions in cooperation with many specialists in the field of implantology.


BTK is a company deeply convinced of the importance of training and constant updating of medicine, which is why it suggests numerous courses run by professionals that will allow your dentist to get to know and experience our products in the best possible way. An example is the training organized by our company: “European Implantology Center”, cooperating doctors have the opportunity to improve using the latest technologies under the guidance of world-renowned implantology professors.

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