Relation on the procedure at the BETTER clinic in Warsaw

We invite you to watch the report from the procedure, which took place as part of a practical course at BETTER in Warsaw.

We would like to thank Dr. Marek Rybicki and Mrs. Joasia.

We solve the problem of bone loss. IUXTA-3D is an intelligent implant that changes the face of modern implantology and solves the problems of bone loss.

We propose an alternative protocol for bone atrophy: digital, individually designed and tailored to each patient.

Why IUXTA-3D subperiosteal implants?

  • because they provide comfort of use comparable to having your own teeth,
  • eliminate the discomfort associated with wearing a removable denture,
  • provide a chance for permanent tooth reconstruction in people with complete bone loss,
  • The surgical procedure of implantation and temporary prosthetic work are performed during one visit (1.5-2ⲏ) to the patient, so you will save a lot of time.

We invite you to cooperate.

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